Edison Acceleration Program + Centrum LOCIKA

Edison Acceleration Program + Centrum LOCIKA

We’re excited to join the Edison Acceleration Program as a fundraising coach and program development mentor. Hosted by RegioHub (the parent organization of Impact Hub Praha, Impact Hub Brno, and Impact Hub Ostrava), the program applies proven long-term acceleration model lessons to the needs of NGOs and social enterprises in the Czech Republic.

The purpose is to provide dedicated time and space for Czech social innovation organizations to focus on their development, growth, and change needs for greater impact at the regional and/or national level.

During the program year, 10 Czech NGO teams will receive 15 months of acceleration, including 1800 hours of technical assistance support per team. Professional mentors with experience from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors are available as a community-oriented resource network, and matched to the participating teams based on needs and interests.

During my Edison Project experience, I will be working with Centrum LOCIKA, a Prague-based social enterprise which empowers children and equips parents to thrive in a world without violence through safe, healthy, and loving family relationships. Their aim is to change the cultural understanding, policy landscape, and legal framework across the Czech Republic to ensure that every child can live and grow in safe homes and stable families.

Each year, up to 200 children benefit from Centrum LOCIKA’s services throughout Prague and the Central Bohemian Region at no cost. Their free services are provided without respect to social background, family status, or other considerations which would ordinarily discourage or exclude parents in need of assistance.

Since 2017, approximately 16,000 hours of counseling and therapeutic sessions have helped more than 350 families to move towards violence-free lives. The need and demand for Centrum LOCIKA’s services continues to grow as Czech society recognizes the risks and true cost of domestic violence and abuse. Their experience shows that timely and consistent therapeutic support can stop violence at home, and positively enhance the development of young lives caught in difficult circumstances. They are committed to ensuring that any family, within any community, can receive the assistance it needs.

Business English for NGOs will provide training and mentoring on grant writing, proposal development, fundraising, trategic planning and philanthropy to Centrum LOCIKA. We’re grateful for the opportunity to explore new ways of enhancing social impact capacity alongside an amazing community of experts.

The Edison Program is implemented by RegioHub sro, and is financially supported by the European Social Fund Employment Operational Program.

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