Call for Nominations: Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa Global Award for Women’s Empowerment

Nominations Due: 25.9 2018. Nominations of individual women’s empowerment champions, civil society, public sector entities, and private sector institutions are encouraged.

Award Goals

  • Highlight the contribution of the public and private sector, civil society and women’s rights champions to worldwide efforts for the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.
  • Promote women’s empowerment and equality between men and women.
  • Encourage innovative approaches and solutions to achieve women’s empowerment in policy and programming, and to provide a global space to celebrate these achievements.
  • Foster creative and inclusive thinking by communities to collaborate to achieve women’s empowerment, recognizing that equality for all, means prosperity for all and sustainable development for communities and nations.

Eligibility criteria for all 4 categories (Public Sector, Private Sector, Civil Society, Individual Champions)

  • Introduced a new concept for women’s empowerment aligned to sustainable development goals, and goal 5 in particular, the Beijing Platform for Action, CEDAW and other global instruments related to women´s empowerment, in the context of our organization/country/region;
  • Used creativity and innovation to address challenges of gender inequality, employing new solutions to address old problems;
  • Able to measure change as a result of our work on women´s empowerment, thereby providing increased access to high quality and affordable service delivery for women;
  • Working towards ending all forms of violence against women and girls, including harmful practices and attitudes;
  • Introduced changes in employment policies, including recruitment, promotion, training, compensation and career management policies, to bridge the gender gap in women in the workforce, management positions and the gender pay gap;
  • Working towards women in leadership positions in public and private life, and women´s meaningful engagement in policy and legislative decision making;
  • Working towards engaging women in peace and security processes, including promoting women´s rights to be in peace negotiations and to be meaningfully engaged in political transitions;
  • Introduced legislative and policy measures that further the rights of women in our community/institution/government;
  • Able to communicate our results, show that it can be taken to scale, and demonstrate sustainability;
  • Engaged youth, and young women in particular, in addressing the challenges and identifying solutions.

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