Call for Proposals: Startups in Latin America and the Caribbean | #DemandSolutions

Due Date: 15.7 2018. The Inter-American Development Bank is looking for the most disruptive Latin American and Caribbean startups using innovation to improve lives.

The 10 most innovative startups will be selected to participate in Demand Solutions Chile, 21 November 2018 in Santiago.

Startups in the following creative and cultural industries are invited to apply:

(1) Design with Social Responsibility: sustainable fashion, smart clothing, urban art, wearable technology.

(2) Multimedia that Improves Lives: video games, digital content, audio/visual, editorial, music 4.0

(3) New Technologies: 3D printing, blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics

(4) Going Global: Export of services to global markets: production and commercialization of cultural content, export of creative goods and services.

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