Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge

Submissions Due: 1.5 2019. Annual international competition rewarding products/services/technologies that successfully combine sustainability, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Open to innovative entrepreneurs, ages 18+, with (1) ideas to tackle climate change; (2) proven business plans to execute their ideas; (3) products/services that reduce greenhouse gas emissions; (4) market-readiness within 2 years; and (5) ability to pitch their business plans in English.

The winner gets €500,000 to bring his/her business to market. The runner-up will receive €200,000 and the three other finalists receive €100,000 each. An international jury selects the winner and runner-up.

Business plans must contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and score highly on convenience, quality and design.

Note: If selected, finalists must be willing to attend the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge in the Netherlands to present their ideas to the jury. (Reasonable travel and lodging expenses for one person per finalist will be reimbursed).