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Our roots are with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Central and Eastern Europe. These organizations wanted help with fundraising, but often possessed limited English-language capacity required for grant proposals, funding applications, and other communications. Over time, we devoted more energy and resources to a wider range of social impact organizations interested in development, fundraising, and planning. Demand for English language coaching and communications training continues to grow, particularly among individuals and small groups that want to improve their speaking and presentation skills to reach newer and more diverse audiences.

Since 2015, we have worked primarily with clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Services are delivered in-person/on-site, or online, based on client preference.

We continue to expand our service area throughout Central Europe and Eastern Europe. This includes advice and counsel to emerging social impact efforts in Poland, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Albania, Croatia, and Hungary.

Business inquiries and requests for collaboration from other parts of the world are welcome.

My name is Ryan Turner. My work focuses on social impact organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, in addition to ongoing engagements with clients in the United States. I am a proud native of Richmond, Virginia; an active alumnus of Princeton University; and a current resident of Prague, Czech Republic.

I am inspired by friends and colleagues around the world who care about empowering people and communities for purposeful, mindful, and sustainable social good. From volunteering to voting, non-profit organizations have played an important role in my professional and personal spheres.

I grew up in a family where community participation, neighborhood involvement, and civic engagement mattered as much as academic achievement. One of the most important values in our home was to connect with something larger than yourself, and to follow your passion in life towards meaningful and purposeful actions. My parents also encouraged me to learn about, discuss, and speak out on social issues that concerned me; and to build relationships with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.

As a university student, I met young people from Central and Eastern Europe before the revolutions of 1989. I admired their passion and optimism as they committed themselves to helping their home countries transition from old regimes to new democracies. Five years after the Velvet Revolution, I travelled to Europe for the first time. The Czech Republic and Poland were among the first places I visited. The people and communities throughout the CEE region continue to hold a special place in my thoughts and actions.

For more than 20 years, I’ve served as a strategy guide, resource scout, and people connector for NGOs in the U.S. and internationally. I have served as a volunteer, consultant, and advocate for civil society, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and corporate social responsibility efforts in Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

(1) To expand the range of resource opportunities available to NGOs in Central Europe and Eastern Europe. (2) To increase the social, cultural, and economic understanding of the importance and value of NGOs and nonprofit services to society.

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