2021 Nonprofit Pulse Report [European Fundraising Association/Salesforce.org]

2021 Nonprofit Pulse Report [European Fundraising Association/Salesforce.org]

The ongoing pandemic has led to worldwide uncertainty in every sector. New lockdowns, a sudden, massive shift from in-person to virtual operations, and the urgent need for technology solutions to meet the demands of remote work. Nonprofits were hit hard and doubly challenged, acting as first responders to the pandemic crisis by providing aid and support to struggling communities while at the same time adapting their entire operations virtually overnight.

While these challenges are not going away anytime soon, there is good news: Nonprofits are innovating. Far from sitting still, they ramped up their use of digital to raise funds, engage with supporters and reach beneficiaries. More than half had found new ways to deliver services. How did they do it? Their success lies in trying new approaches to current processes, measuring success and recalibrating as needed.

2021 Nonprofit Pulse Report: Tracking the Impact of Covid-19 on Nonprofits in Europe
European Fundraising Association/Salesforce.org
December 2021


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