How We Work With Your Organization

What exactly do we do? Coaching? Training? Mentoring? Just call us a scout, guide, and partner for organizational development.

We discuss the your organization's challenges, goals, and expectations.

We explore options for your organization to consider.

We identify potential resources and strategies to help your organization reach its development goals.

Business English for NGOs helps social impact organizations to reach their development and strategic goals.

NGOs play vital role in the social, cultural, and economic success of communities, regions, nations and the world. Expanding resource opportunities is important for a dynamic social impact sector.

Clients include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), non-profit organizations (NPOs), social enterprises, foundations, philanthropies, charities, associations, community groups, social businesses, cooperatives, and public benefit organizations.

Based in the Czech Republic, we also serve organizations in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Learn how we can help your NGO today.

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