Business English for NGOs
Working for Social Impact

Based in the Czech Republic, we primarily serve organizations in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States (and other great places)

What we do

Program + strategy consulting, fundraising + development planning, and English-language communications for social impact.

Strategies for social impact organizations

We work with non-governmental + non-profit organizations, social enterprises, foundations, social businesses, philanthropies, cooperatives and associations, civil society and community groups, and public benefit entities.

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What we do

Business English for NGOS provides fundraising, program + strategy planning, and English-language communications skills training for social impact organizations.

Program Strategy + Capacity Building

Social impact organizations rely on solid strategy and planning to ensure stability throughout challenging times. Donors, funders, grantmakers, and supporters expect mission-driven / purpose-driven organizations to apply good ideas and vital resources in an effective...
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Fundraising + Development Planning

NGOs and nonprofit organizations require people power, social capital, and financial resources to achieve social change. Organizations must also navigate day-to-day priorities, often with limited time, capacity, or ability. At any time, organizations can find...
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English Language Coaching

Each organization possesses a unique combination of mission, vision, and purpose. Communicating what makes organizations special in a clear, effective, and concise manner is vital to gaining — and keeping — support. English is particularly...
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Clients include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), non-profit organizations (NPOs), social enterprises, foundations, philanthropies, charities, associations, community groups, social businesses, cooperatives, and public benefit organizations.

Based in the Czech Republic, we primarily serve organizations in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States. (We collaborate with organizations in other parts of the world too!)

Our Notepad

Insights from our social impact conversations + consultations

Partnership ≠ Collaboration

When faced with an opportunity, organizations will often say "we should partner!" or "we should collaborate!". This is often true when the opportunity seems inaccessible...
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“But what is the reason?”

Organizations exist for a reason. The reason may not always be clear, rational, or meaningful. But organizations do exist for a reason. Organizations can find...
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Unmeasured Metrics

Organizations want to know if they are achieving their goals. They want to know how and when they reach their strategic objectives. They want a...
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About Us

My name is Ryan Turner, and I am the founder of Business English for NGOs. For more than 25 years, I have worked with non-profit/non-governmental organizations and social enterprises in all aspects of strategic planning, program development, and fundraising.

As a social impact consultant, my primary goal is to empower client organizations towards stability and growth. This requires respect for each organization’s mission, values, stakeholders, and unique needs.

My background includes leadership, management, advocacy and volunteering across a wide range of issue areas.

Since 2015, I have focused primarily on philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, civil society and corporate social responsibility in Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

I am a proud native of Richmond, Virginia; an active alumnus of Princeton University; and a current resident of Prague, Czech Republic.

Social Impact Reading List

Perspectives on fundraising, strategic planning, leadership (and more). This is a curated list of summaries, with links to full articles located on their original sites.

Charities Aid Foundation World Giving Index 2021

The CAF World Giving Index offers a unique glimpse of global trends in generosity. It enables us to provide answers to questions about where people...
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Fundraising Ideas to Support Your Nonprofit Online [Business 2 Community]

At first glance, fundraising may seem like a daunting task, but there are many simple ways to generate funds for your nonprofit using the internet....
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Persevering through Crisis: The State of Nonprofits [The Center for Effective Philanthropy]

We hope that this report helps to highlight the nuanced experiences of nonprofit organizations over the last year. For many, 2020 was tough, but the...
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Post-Pandemic Program Management: The Digital Shift [WeThrive Hub]

Regardless of whether you managed to thrive or simply survived the pandemic, the truth is that the social sector cannot return to a pre-pandemic operating...
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